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What is Parent-U?

Parent University is a time for parents to connect with each other, to simply sit down together at the end of the day and have a delicious meal, coffee, and dessert while discussing life in general. It nurtures a time of getting to know each other better, which is so much a part of the SEALS culture. This gathering is further enhanced by a carefully selected parent training, usually geared towards how we, as godly parents, can support each other and become better parents to our students.  Do we all parent alike? No, but that’s where hearing other perspectives becomes a vital part of bettering our own situations, by discussing other techniques and viewpoints differing from our own.  As Christian parents in a society where morale is declining at lightning speed, it is so important to be aware of current parenting challenges and to hear when others have victories so we can learn from them and celebrate these victories together.  This has become one of our favorite times of the month, to be able to develop healthy adult relationships within our community. This is just another way our educational program is special and unique. At SEALS, we care about each other as a family, and we all want to grow to be the best parents we can be together, from a biblical worldview.

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