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At SEALS Christian Academy, we strive to achieve the highest academic achievement each student has to offer.  We believe that focus on a Classical Christian education is the best way to approach primary and secondary education.




A. Christ-centered education

B. Education for formation

C. Development of critical thinking – “Why?”

D. Emphasis on the true, good and beautiful

E. Truth is objective, knowable and absolute

F. Integrated interdisciplinary learning

G. Requires the student to learn how to learn

H. Lifelong love of learning as the ultimate goal

A. Man-centered education

B. Education for information

C. Development of correct procedures –“How?”

D. Emphasis on politically correct

E. Self-actualization, personal peace and affluence

F. Fragmented and disjointed learning

G. Requires the student to learn how to pass tests

H. Graduation as the ultimate goal

“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Students who learn using a Classical curriculum (what we are using) OUT PERFORM those who receive a public education on both the ACT and SAT tests. 

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Chart 1_SAT.png

ACCS - Association of Classical Christian Schools

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