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Come get to know us.  Give us a call or submit your questions online.  Your first few steps are listed below. We look forward to meeting you and your student.

1. Check Us Out

SEALS Christian Academy enrichment programs have both academic and spiritual requirements.  Please take the time to peruse the website, read the articles, review the requirements below and take our "Am I a good fit?" questionnaire.

take the quiz

2. Ask Questions

Sure you have questions. We all do, regardless of how much information we add to this website.  Call us or submit your questions by clicking this orange "Ask" button.

3. Apply

Questions answered?  Want to move forward?  Complete an "Ask" form and select "Apply to SEALS". We will contact you to schedule a family interview, campus tour and provide you a password to complete the registration paperwork.

4. Family Interview 

Because we are a discipleship academy, our aim is to create a culture full of families with strong relationships with Jesus Christ. These steps help us evaluate each family's spiritual commitment and willingness to co-labor with us, while also giving you an opportunity to hear our hearts.

5. Benchmarks

Our enrichment program requires each participant to be evaluated beforehand to obtain benchmark measurements. This typically is completed during the family interview. 

6. Acceptance

At this point we can begin the enrichment programs and a program fee will be assessed. 

“Let each generation tell its children of Your mighty acts; let them proclaim Your power.”  - PSALM 145:4

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