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It's great to learn what SEALS has to offer, but it is better still to hear directly from others who are currently experiencing life at SEALS Christian Academy. Here are some recent testimonials from families who checked us out and loved what they discovered!  

"I wanted to say thank you again. Our sixth grader is noticeably so much more content and happy since starting at SEALS. My family and myself see an obvious sense of relief in him. He has said this is by far his favorite year ever. He said this morning that he already wishes to be back at SEALS. ;) He comes home excited, and full of stories. He loves getting to play with all the children. This is so relieving for me and everyone who loves him. God showed us exactly where he needed to be to feel safe and be himself and bc of you guys and your programs I can breathe, knowing this is, no question, what he needed and who he needed to be surrounded by. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. His soul was craving this environment and this is going to be so good for both of us. ❤ "  - KENDRA I.

"SEALS has been such a blessing to us! Our 3 children LOVE it!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our children!”  - LISA T.

"Fantastic curriculum for students.  Focus on strong academics and sound Biblical principles.  Also a great program for parents centered on helpful parenting skills.”  - JACKIE V.

“Let each generation tell its children of Your mighty acts; let them proclaim Your power.”  - PSALM 145:4

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