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Lights, camera, action: With expert guidance from seasoned actors, your little thespians will master the art of emoting, storytelling, and bringing characters to life! 🎬Unleash their star power and watch your child's confidence soar as they embrace the wonder of the stage! ✨

Dance Title.png

Embrace the joy of dance: From graceful ballet to energetic hip-hop, our Dance Club offers a kaleidoscope of styles that will ignite your child's passion for rhythm and expression! 💃  Twirl, spin, and soar: Under the guidance of our skilled dance instructors, your little stars will learn the art of storytelling through movement, mesmerizing audiences with every step! 


Arts & Crafts Title.png

Unlock the colorful world of creativity and endless possibilities for your young stars with our Arts & Crafts Club! 🌟 Watch their eyes sparkle with joy as they dive into a world of wonder, armed with glue and scissors, vibrant paint colors, and a treasure trove of tactile supplies!  One of our most popular clubs, this will be tons of fun and excitement each and every week.🎨

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Lego Pic.png
Lego title.png

Brace yourselves for an extraordinary journey into the world of imagination with our LEGO Builders Club! 🏰 Unleash their boundless creativity: Armed with colorful LEGO bricks, your child's wildest dreams come to life as they design and construct incredible structures, spaceships, and more! Each child will be allowed to keep one of their projects at the end of the quarter!🚀

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Chess Title.png

A game of kings and queens: From pawns to knights, our chess club offers a captivating journey where your child will learn the art of planning, critical thinking, and outsmarting opponents! ♟️ Guided by experienced chess mentors, your young prodigies will develop their tactical skills and unlock the secrets of chess to become masters of the game!

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Cooking Club.png


It's not just a dash of fun or a pinch of satisfaction, your student's cup will be running over with this sweet club!  🍳From learning the do's and don'ts of handling certain kitchen tools and appliances to creating amazing delicious treats, this club is sure to stimulate all five senses. 👩‍🍳  Touch the different food textures, see the beautiful colors come together in a bowl, smell the decadent aromas, hear the fun of kitchen tools and the laughter of friends, and, of course, taste the succulent flavors of the creations they've made.  This is a club for which you'll be CRAVING to get a taste! 🌮

Vocal Ensemble.png


Does your students have a love of singing and can carry a tune that pleases the ears of those listening?  This club is geared towards individuals who are wanting to further fine-tune their singing techniques and join in with others in harmonious melodies that are both fun and uplifting.  We will be touching on a variety of genres from jazz, classical, praise and worship, madrigal, acapella, contemporary, and much more!  While reading music and singing in harmony is not required, it is extremely helpful in this club.  With that said, all singers are welcome to join!

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Does your student love doing all the arts? This club is all about singing, acting, dancing, and having a ton of fun!  We will be doing excerpts from popular musicals and operas as well as some show choir tunes.  Your child will have an absolute blast in this Music in Motion Club!  Oh yeah, and we also love to dress in costumes whenever the opportunity strikes.  So bring on the triple-threats and strike up the band because we will be raising the roof each time we unite in this fantastic club!

Games Galore.png

Get ready for fun, fun, fun with the Games Galore club!  Each week, we do nothing but put our bodies and minds into action with a variety of board and card games, and on occassion, outside games.  This is perfect for any child who justs wants to play and have fune during after-school friends, in grades 2nd - 6th.

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All clubs are paid in full for the quarter and vary in price by the location.

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