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Join the other schools
who are offering
after-school clubs,
at no cost to the school.



  • Each course typically lasts 8 to 10 weeks, based on your school’s quarterly calendar.

  • It cost $10 per week with a $37 supply fee.

  • Typically clubs are available for students in grades K-5th but may be modified for upperclassmen.

  • We require a five student minimum for each club to start.

  • We have our own comprehensive insurance and will add your school as an additional beneficiary.


  • Your school is able to say they have arts and STEM clubs available to their student body.

  • Your school can provided these clubs at no extra cost to the school.

  • Your school can say they have after-school programs available, which many working families are looking for.

  • The clubs have been tried and proven to be a huge success.

  • The clubs can provide all of the following for the school / organization:

    • Pictures for the school’s yearbook, website, and other media.

    • Extra publicity by bringing new families on campus who may be interested in the clubs as well, as we are happy to open up the clubs for your school to area homeschool families.  These are families who may not want to continue to homeschool in the future and will see your school as a potential place for their child to be educated.

    • Extra publicity online through SEALS social media sites and business website.

    • Potential pieces that can be performed for the school’s programs and chapels (depending on dates and availability of club directors).

  • Extra publicity for the school if the clubs perform or are featured at community events.


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